New Year’s resolution

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Although the history of a New Year’s resolutions goes as far back as the ancient times of Babylonians and Romans, I have never tried making one. 2015 will be the first time for me.


2014 was a great year for me both professionally and personally. I’ve taken on new hobbies and I think I have managed to achieve the impossible – a perfect work/life balance.


I’ve searched the web for some popular new year’s resolutions but I couldn’t find anything interesting enough.

Initially I wanted to do a 30 day challenge every month but eventually decided against it as some months I may be just too busy with other stuff, and I’d rather make a resolution I’ll be able to keep. In the end, I came up with something that I think is pretty good. It is something I hope will have a positive impact on my life, and is something I actually wanted to do a while ago.

Every month, I will try my best to do one random act of kindness. I’m not talking smiling to a stranger here – I’ll try to do more substantial things, like a surprise gift for a random person, a free link audit  😉 or something like that. You get the idea.

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