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High quality, no-nonsense, pure play organic SEO services. Attracting new visitors and customers to your business via organic search.


pure play SEO agency. specialists not generalists.

We Understand the Future

Having over a decade of hands-on SEO experience we pride ourselves on being able to spot and predict new trends. Panda and Penguin in the past or the shift to WEB 3.0 now. We are always one step ahead.


What We Offer

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is our core service. We’re not generalist, we’re specialists. We are a pure play, SEO agency  and we are very good at it.

SEO Audits

Detailed, in-depth technical SEO & Link Audits.
Discovering any issues that may be hindering the performance of your website.

Metaverse SEO

The future is now. Search Engine Optimisation is about predicting future trends. Just like we helped our clients during Penguin, we can help you to get ready for WEB 3.0

Competitor Analysis

Why are your competitors outranking you? How much traffic do they get? How soon can you catch up with them? Our report can answer these questions.

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About Us

A Couple of Words About the Team & How We Work

Wait a minute, I thought it was just Tom?

No, not really. Tom started on his own and over the years became one of the top SEO bods in the country by scoring many epic wins and ranking for some insanely competitive keywords.

Over the years, SEO became a more and more complex discipline. Due to referrals, the project and Tom’s clients got bigger and better. The team had to grow.

There was a problem, though. The typical marketing agency model is just not perfect (at least most of the time). Your average SEO agency would often have one or two really good SEOs among its ranks. Then they would supplement it with a couple of juniors. Sometimes agencies would have interns or apprentices handling projects. To us, this is not acceptable – particularly when our clients are paying for serious value.
This is simply not how we want to work.

Now, there is a good reason for this situation. There are plenty of agencies who would without a doubt want to have an all-star team of experienced SEOs.

Unfortunately, when you run your typical 9-to-5 office, this is simply not possible.

The main reasons for this situation are:

– There’s a huge shortage of experienced SEOs and most agencies struggle with recruitment. There are no schools where you can simply learn SEO. The industry is changing so fast that by the time they print books and agree on a curriculum, it would be outdated. It takes years of hands-on experience to become proficient at SEO.

– Because of the skills shortage it’s almost impossible to find enough talent outside of London

– Finally, as people get more experienced they often decide it’s time to go freelance or start their own agency.

We don’t blame them.

Our Solution

Instead of trying to do the impossible, find the all-star team and somehow make them come to one office and sit there for 8 hours (which, by the way, is a ridiculous concept).

What we did instead was create a decentralised team, (back in 2014, way before all this work from home ‘trend’), of experts working from the comfort of their own homes and working spaces across the country. Our team is flexible and can change depending on the scope of project.

This means you will work with top-level experts who are fully qualified for the project. Another thing you can be assured of is the fact there’s no “pitch and switch”. When you meet with us for the first time and you have a top expert doing the pitch, it will be this very expert working on your project and not an inexperienced apprentice.

How Much Does it Cost?

Most (if not all) of our projects are retainers with a monthly fee. Depending on how competitive your market is and how fast you’d like to start making gains, we’ll suggest an appropriate level of retainer. If retainer is not the best option for you, we also offer consulting services for companies in need of external expertise. This could for example include things like an SEO audit, competitor analysis or evaluating work completed by your current agency. We can also help in cases where your current agency (generalist/jack of all trades web agency), lacks specialist SEO expertise. Jobs like site migration, advanced link audits, algorithmic penalty recovery etc.

specialists not generalists

Would you hire an accountant or a solicitor to write your prenup? Both write professional documents, but they’re not quite the same, are they? The subtle difference between a web company and SEO specialist is similar. Because we are focused and dedicated to one area of experitse, we can punch way above our weight and deliver much better results. We can also complete advanced projects that a jack of all trades agency simply wouldn’t be able to.

Retainer Levels

One day per month

Sufficient for projects with low competition and when time is not of the essence. For businesses in a non-competitive niche only.

Two days per month

This would be your average small business. Projects in a moderately competitive niche. You have some fairly serious competition but they’re not moving too fast and are not investing too much in SEO, either.

Three to Five days per month

This is when things get bigger (think eCommerce) and more competitive.

This level of retainer is recommended for businesses in a highly competitive niche. You have to move fast to keep up with SEO savvy competitors. Perhaps you have some catching up to do.

Ten or more days per month

This is where sh*t gets real!

Recommended for big projects in a very competitive niche. You are competing with with strong, SEO-savvy competitors who are most likely ahead of you. You’re trying to rank for competitive keywords nationwide. This is the retainer level we will most likely recommend if you are just starting. You therefore have a new website, but you have ambitions to compete in a very competitive niche and rank for difficult keywords nationwide. Or simply you are just starting and want to outrank competitors who’ve been around for years.

OK, but how much is one day?

It is £650 per day.

Who do we work with?

 Wait, can’t I just pay?

No, it doesn’t work like that. In fact, we turn down majority of requests. In our opinion, it will only work if it’s a good fit – if we like your business and you like ours.

We like to work in niches in which we have an interest. So, if you’re selling mobile phone cases or are a solicitor number 100 in your city, we’ll probably politely decline.

However, if you’re in an industry we have interest in or bring something new to the table, we’ll be probably very excited indeed to get to know you more.

It’s because we do this for the love of it – not just the money. It also makes us better at SEO when we work on something which makes us excited. Don’t get us wrong, we love 💕 coins, but we ain’t going to work on soulless projects just to get more coins. That’s not us.

Let’s say we’re working on promoting a new productivity app for iOS or you are a vintage watch dealer. We love these things and we’ll love the process of placing that website as high as possible on Google.

It also helps in SEO terms if we are familiar with the landscape of the business  you/we are trying to promote.

Start a Project

In 99% of cases we find projects and approach clients we would like to work with.

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