My name is Tom

Below you will find, a couple of words about me

My name is Tom and I’m an Inbound Marketing expert with experience in both, paid and organic search. I’ve been working in Search Marketing for the last 5 years. Currently I’m a Head of Search at one of the Birmingham’s finest Internet Marketing agencies.

I built my first startup in 2008 and have worked on the Internets ever since. I’m passionate about inbound marketing, productivity and growth. These are the main areas I will try to cover in my posts on this blog.

When I’m not online, I love spending time by the sea or on my boat. In fact, I love everything to do with boats. From sailing to renovating, from sea to the Inland Waterways.

Professional Skills

The essence of life is growth, I constantly improve, learn and get new qualifications, here are some of them: Google AdWords Qualified individual, LRT, Hubspot Inbound Marketing Academy, Distilled SEO University.

Online Marketing