App Store Optimisation tools – updated November 2016.

As the number of mobile apps grows, so does the App Store Optimisation (ASO) industry. To meet this demand, software developers are creating new tools designed to help marketers, ASO experts and App Developers with their job – to make their apps successful.

The choice of ASO tools is nowhere as big as the choice of SEO tools, and this of course is proportional to the size of both industries. Compared to SEO, ASO is still in its early stages.


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I have recently attended an ASO course and I have also started working on my first two dedicated ASO projects. Before I started I did a lot of research into ASO tools and I’d like to share some of the tools I’ve found here in a list form. I hope you will find them useful

I have not tried or used all of them. The ones I have used as paid versions are AppTweak and  SensorTower. I have also used SearchMan. I’m not going to go into much detail here, just list the tools I have found so far and mention their main features.

List of ASO tools

AppTweak –  the main features include an ASO checklist (similar to on-page SEO checklists you are probably familiar with), ASO keyword research, analytics & reports.

SensorTowerApp Store Optimisation (ASO) and store intelligence

SearchMan – App store SEO and competitive intelligence

AppMind – Keyword research, rank tracking and competitor monitoring

MOPAPP – MOPAPP is an app analytics tool for developers and enterprises

MetricsCat – Keywords & rankings, competitors and customer analytics

App Annie – App Annie has a number of features, including market data, app analytics and store data.

MetricsCat – keywords and rankings,
reviews, competitors and customer analytics

This is it for now, I’ll be adding more tools to this list as I work on more ASO projects.