Today we’ll be taking a look at perhaps a little bit less know productivity system know as Don’t Break the Chain

Who invented Don’t Break the Chain productivity system ?

We’re not 100% sure but according to some articles online, this productivity method was invented by Jerry Seinfeld. There is no official website for the system nor is there any Wikipedia pages about it. We’ve seen some articles calling it the Seinfeld Method. But then we found this on Reddit. So to be honest, we really don’t know who invented this lol.

How does Break the Chain Productivity Method Work

Don’t Break the Chain is quite simple and this is how it works.

The whole idea is to pick and complete one meaningful task daily for an extended period of time. So for example, let’s say your goal is to reach 1000 followers on TikTok. Your daily goal for Don’t Break the Chain method could be to film one 15 second TikTok video daily for the next month.

Or perhaps you want to start a side business. Your goal could be to spend one hour each morning working on your idea.

This method is just as much a productivity system as it is a tool for building good habits.

The rest is simple, you simply put a big X on each day in your calendar when you have completed your daily task. This way, you can quickly see your progress (or the lack of progress).

What do you need to start

Not much. All you will need is pen/pencil and a calendar. Could be an app but to be honest we’d recommend a paper version. Make sure to keep it somewhere you can see it. This way it will act as an daily reminder.