So the 2020 is over. It’s time to look back and reflect. Personal Annual Year End Review is the best way to keep on top of our goals and measure progress. In this post we’ll share some of the tis we find useful. We’ll try to keep it very simple and basic. Some of our posts about productivity are quite advanced but this time it’s time to go back to basics.

What is a Personal Annual Year End Review ?

Personal Annual Year End Review is no different to a business review with the obvious difference that you are reviewing your personal goals and progress.

year end review diagram

How to start

Check your 2020 goals, look at each of the goals you had and ask yourself the following questions:

Review progress on your personal goals

Was the goal accomplished ? If yes, that’s great. If the answer is no then think what was the reason that you were not able to achieve your goal.

Was it too unrealistic or perhaps you were not consistent enough and didn’t put enough effort. Consistency is a key when it comes to staying on top of your projects (be it business or personal projects). It all boils down to consistency, productivity and building good habits.

What can you do to improve in the new year ?

It’s very important to write these things down, if you don’t that you’ll most likely forget this valuable lesson. Think what went wrong and why, analyse the failures to avoid making same mistakes in the future.

Review your master brain dump.

Now, this is super important. We wrote about the importance of keeping brain dump before.

Brain dump is the process of unloading all of the thoughts and ideas from your brain and onto paper. This is the place where you offload all the ideas from your brain and onto the paper (or any other format like an app etc.)

The idea behind this is to never forget about a good idea and to free up your brain. It is very important to review your brain dump regularly. Ideally you should do that weekly. Of course year end review is when you definitely want to review your brain dump. See what ideas you have there, which of these you want to turn into this year’s goals and which ideas you want to shelve/scrap.

What did you learn ?

This is a very important question, so take your time to reflect on the last 12 months. Perhaps, learning new skills was one of your goals. Again, the idea here is to analyse the information and use it to continuous improvement.

We hope you found this post useful and that it will help you with your Personal Annual Year End Review. Take care and stay productive.