tldr: there is no best system, what’s best is what works for you
You may say this is a clickbait. In fact, there is no such thing as the best productivity app, the best productivity system etc.

Speaking of productivity systems. We are working on our own, analogue productivity system and app. Based on over 10 years of productivity research and experience. Coming in 2021, stay tuned .

OK, back to the topic. So yeah, there is no holy grail. The best way to improve your productivity is to try many systems, apps and tools.
To make your work easier, and since there are gazillions of productivity apps and tools out there. We will shortlist a couple that (in our opinion) are worth taking a look at. We are not going to go into detail here, just list the systems and tools we think are noteworthy. We hope this will encourage you to do your own research and find a productivity ststems that works for you.

1) Time Blocking

Time blocking in a nutshell refers to blocking slots of time in your day to dedicate to a specific task. This is a slightly different approach than your typical To-Do list. So for example instead jotting down on your To-Do list (write script for marketing video). You would Time Block a slot from say 2pm to 4pm, and in this time you will focus 100% on completing this particular task. You would also try to get rid of any distractions. You can compliment this technique by using the Pomodoro (see below).

2) Pomodoro Technique

Pomodoro Technique is a fantastic tool / system which helps you focus. It is, in a way, a flavour of time Blocking. You work for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minute break. For every four pomodoros you complete, take a longer, 15 minutes, break.

3) To Do List

For real, if you don’t use a To Do list, then it’s time to get back to basics. You will struggle to get anything done without getting confident with preparing and using a To Do list. This is essentially, a productivity 101.

4) The bullet journal

Bullet Journal is an analogue system to organise information and plan. Their website describes it as a “mindfulness practice disguised as a productivity system”. They now have an app, you could say there’s an app for everything. But we would definietely recommend that you try the analogue version. Plan you tasks, events and log information in a proper paper bullet journal. Perhaps get a nice fountain pen for that as well. You can find more info on the officail website.

5) Plan, Prioritise, Win

This is the new productivity system and app we are working on here at Inbound Tom. All the details will be revealed in Q2 2021.Stay tuned. We promise you shall not be disappointed.