Yes, you heard me right. TODAY.

No fancy apps needed, definitely no waking up at 5am 😂 ,no need to reed another productivity book and defo no courses.

On a more serious note, it’s always good to read a productivity book or maybe two. Bit not today. Today, we will give you 3 tips you can implement right away with a minimum effort. Like a productivity for lazy people 😂 or shall we say someone with a very busy schedule.

#1 Just Start

This is probably the most simple one (yet no so easy to start). The main ting which is stopping us from being productive is often procrastination. We find a million excuses and do everything we can, just not the thing on our To Do list. The easiest thing to do if you want to overcome it, it’s to simply start. Things will get much easier from there on.

#2 Start with the most difficult task

That’s right. Start with the most difficult task. Once you get it out of the way, you will not procrastinate that much. This method is also known as Eat That Frog and was coined by Brian Tracy.

#3 Ditch Social Media

Just like TV in the olden days, today Social Media is the reason so many people procrastinate, stay distracted and waste their most precious resource – TIME.
Social Media is complete waste of time (for the users). You (as the user) are essentially a product. Social media companies compete for your attention, using every trick in the book to keep you scrolling. All of that to sell you data and your attention to the advertisers. There is noting better you can do than to simply quit social media. You will be more productive and less distracted. And most of all you will have plenty of time you can use to do something beneficial.