So you’re thinking about starting a YouTube channel.

Staring a new YouTube channel is not easy, especially in 2021. It’s difficult to say how many channels are there in total but from what we could find out, it’s around 36 million. Yes 36,000,000 we’re not joking.

Pick your niche

It is super important to niche down. Your YouTube channel will need a theme. There logic behind this is that people subscribe to your channel for a reason. So for example, people who are into travel will subscribe to travel channels. People who are interested in video production will subscribe to channels about videography and so on.

 pick your niche for YouTube

Now, if you start a channel and one of your videos if a travel guide, followed by a video on how to get popular on TikTok, this will make little sense to your subscribers. Those who subscribed to see more travel videos may feel disappointed and will unsubscribe. So, decide in your niche and stick to it.

Learn how You Tube works

There is a tonne of videos and blogposts with tips and advice for video content creators. Spend a couple of days doing your research.
Remember to take everything with pinch of salt tho. Not all the advice you stumble upon will be good and some of the tips which worked for others are by no means guaranteed to work for you. Having said that, you will eventually find a couple of gems with great advice on starting your You Tube channel.

Don’t wait.

Do not postpone staring your channel until you think you’re ready. The thing is, you’ll never be ready and it will never be perfect. As they say “done is better than perfect”. Start today and work on continuous improvement of your YouTune channel. The best way to learn is to practice. It’s just like university vs real world/job experience. You can learn more in a couple of months doing the actual work than you would in years of lectures.


Don’t but fancy equipment

You may feel like you need a latest £1,000+ camera and a £300 microphone. While many of us like new shiny gadgets, this is completely unnecessary. All the equipment you need is probably in your pocket. Yes, your smartphone.
All you need to start making videos is your smartphone. You don’t really need anything more to start.

Same goes for expensive software, do not but expensive video editing tools and definitely do not subscribe for any software that want’s you to pay a monthly fee. The software you already have on your smattphone will be more than enough to get you started.